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Regional SEE Capital Markets Day

On June 11th 2008 Zagreb was proud to host the first ever Regional SEE Capital Markets Day, organized jointly by the Banja Luka, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Macedonia, Montenegro, NEX, Sarajevo and Zagreb Stock Exchanges.

With over 300 participants the Regional SEE Capital Markets Day was doubltessly a success – being attended by 150 institutional investors and boasting more than 160 scheduled one-on-one meetings with investors the event has completely met the objectives of promoting regional capital markets and its top companies as well as enhancing their visibility on the global economic landscape.

A total of 24 regional companies presented themselves at the event, of which the following are from the Zagreb Stock Exchange: food company Podravka, oil and gas distributor INA, retail companies Atlantic grupa and Magma, construction company Ingra, processing company Viro and telecommunications provider HT – Hrvatske Telekomunikacije.

Regional roadshows for portfolio investors from the Region are one of the activities anticipated by the Memorandum of Partnership that the exchanges signed in December 2007. Their purpose is to enhance the visibility of the regional market and its companies.

2008 will witness another regional SE European roadshow, organized for international investors. It is planned to take place in the autumn, in Vienna.

Directors of the participating stock exchanges (left to right: Almir Mirica - SASE, Roberto Motušić - ZSE, Gordana Dostanić - BELEX, Marko Simoneti - LJSE, Branislav Todorović - NEX , Dejana Šuškavčević - MNSE, Ivan Šteriev - MSE, Milan Božić - BLSE)

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