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2006 semi-annual business results of Ericsson Nikola Tesla
Compared to the first two quarters of the last year, orders booked increased by 19%, whereas sales increased by 4%.
As expected, the gross margin (level) was lower compared to last year, resulting from a stronger competition, price pressure and investments into new technology trial systems with our customers. The changes in the product mix also contributed to lower margin levels. Despite the lower gross margin level, the operating profit increased to 98,7 MHRK. This positive influence is due to the income from insurance coverage compensating the losses in fire incident in September last year.
Accordingly, the profit before tax is lower by 1,1% compared to the same period last year and it amounts to 87,2 MHRK.
The strong financial situation of the company is continued. Positive cash flow from operations amounts to 77, 2 MHRK which is due to excellent trade receivables collecting.

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ADRS21.238,72 364,00
PODR1.177,92 418,00
RIVP522,70 24,10
TUHO282,00 2.820,00
ATGR271,43 1.220,00
HT201,75 163,50
ADPL194,62 131,50
OPTE131,89 5,94
SUKC119,49 114,00
KOEI115,28 505,00
Short report for 4.8.2020
Total turnover5.129.939 Kn
Regular turnover5.129.939 Kn
Equity 5.077.576 Kn
Debt 52.363 Kn
Structured 0 Kn
Block turnover0 Kn
OTC turnover0 Kn