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New SEE link website launched
SEE Link announces the launch of the new website located at the address:

SEE Link website will be a central point where the investors will be able to track the movement of prices, indexes, and other information relevant for making an investment decision related to SEE Link traded stocks.

With its user friendly design, clean layout of page content, and an intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system, SEE Link website offers quick and easy access to essential SEE Link information. It is also accessible through a wider range of web browsers and devices, including mobiles and tablets, and has been designed to meet all relevant accessibility standards.

Top 5 by turnoverTop 5 risersTop 5 fallers
RIVP1.744,21 28,40
HT1.344,73 171,00
ADRS21.038,72 392,00
ERNT979,37 1.250,00
PODR870,02 422,00
ZABA841,59 52,40
ARNT718,26 268,00
ATGR561,81 1.270,00
DLKV324,46 4,29
INGR161,74 5,10

Fall: 10 Neutral: 7 Rise: 4

Live trade
Short report for 5.6.2020
Total turnover9.217.532 Kn
Regular turnover9.217.532 Kn
Equity 9.191.726 Kn
Debt 25.806 Kn
Structured 0 Kn
Block turnover0 Kn
OTC turnover1.642.400 Kn