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Agreement for delivery of UMTS technology
Zagreb, 14 March 2006 - Tele2, the third mobile operator in Croatia, and Ericsson Nikola Tesla, the major provider of communication equipment and solutions in the country signed an agreement for the delivery of equipment and total communication solution for UMTS, the 3rd generation mobile network.
After the successful implementation of a GSM network that was put into commercial operation by Tele 2 in collaboration with Ericsson Nikola Tesla in October 2005, the signature to a new agreement confirmed further cooperation between the two partners in domestic market.
At the same time, choosing Ericsson Nikola Tesla as the major provider of communication equipment and solutions in both systems (GSM, UMTS) is a further proof of good collaboration of Tele 2 and the Ericsson Corporation over many years in many European markets. Ericsson is the major solutions provider in the field of mobile communication 2G and 3G, with a global market share of 40 percent.

Tele2 is the leading alternative telecom provider with its headquarters in Sweden who offers products and services for fixed and mobile telephony, Internet, data transmission, cable television and similar. Founded in 1993, Tele2 now has 30,3 million users in 23 countries. Tele2 has a 3G license in seven countries, including Croatia. Tele2´s 3G network in Sweden is among the largest in Europe.

\"We will now start to deploy our 3G network and launch the services by the end of the year, at the latest” says Mats Tilly, general manager of Tele2.

\"We are very pleased that Tele2 has again chosen Ericsson Nikola Tesla as its partner. Our specialists are fully prepared to fulfill all needs of our customer, because they acquired expertise and work experience in designing total communication solutions and integration of UMTS networks for operators in several countries in Europe and worldwide”, says Gordana Kovačević, the president of the company. \"This new agreement is another proof of Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s standing as a provider of total communication solutions in the area of mobile communications in domestic market and within the Ericsson Group\".

Ericsson is shaping the future of the mobile and broadband Internet communications through its continuous technology leadership. Providing innovative solutions in more than 140 countries, Ericsson is helping to create the most powerful communication companies in the world.

Ericsson Nikola Tesla, as an integral part of the Ericsson Group and of global telecommunications, supports the modern ways of communicating. The company’s activities include research and development, design of the total communications solutions as well as services in the multi-service and the mobile networks area, including the mobile Internet.

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