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New Zagreb Stock Exchange Equity Index to be launched - CROBEX10tr
 As of July 15, 2020 Zagreb Stock Exchange launches new equity index CROBEX10tr©.

CROBEX10tr© is a free float market capitalization weighted total return index with the same composition as the existing CROBEX10tr© index.

The weight of each constituent share will be capped to 20%. The base level of CROBEX10tr© will be set at 1.000,00 points on May 29, 2020. CROBEX10tr© will be calculated in real time in Croatian Kunas (HRK).  CROBEX10tr© identifiers will be as follows:
  • XETRA code: C10TR
  • ISIN: HRZB00ICB103
CROBEX10tr© is the eleventh Zagreb Stock Exchange equity index and the second Zagreb Stock Exchange total return index: in 1997 price index CROBEX® was launched, it was followed by CROBEX10® in September 2009, CROBEXplus® index and five sectoral indices in February 2013, in February 2014 CROBEXtr® was launched and in February 2019 CROBEXprime® index was created. Regional Zagreb and Ljubljana Stock Exchanges Prime Market index ADRIAprime® was launched in 2019.

The CROBEX10tr© index is another step in the efforts by the Zagreb Stock Exchange to provide investors with a reliable and publicly available investment performance benchmark for Croatian stocks, and such indices are also suitable for issuing structured products or ETF’s.

Top 5 by turnoverTop 5 risersTop 5 fallers
OPTE2.323,90 4,65
ADRS21.172,90 361,00
IGH1.045,49 115,00
ERNT370,40 1.240,00
ADPL232,57 130,00
KODT2217,10 1.300,00
DLKV181,85 5,68
RIVP169,66 24,60
PODR156,29 419,00
ATGR143,99 1.210,00
Short report for 7.8.2020
Total turnover7.034.786 Kn
Regular turnover7.034.786 Kn
Equity 6.962.126 Kn
Debt 72.660 Kn
Structured 0 Kn
Block turnover0 Kn
OTC turnover0 Kn