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General Meeting of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, Inc.
Invitation for shareholders of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, Inc. to participate at the General Meeting of the company on 6 July 2020 at 12:00 hours, at the Company's registered office in Zagreb, Ivana Lučića 2a/22.

General Meeting call with the agenda will be published in the Official Gazette and on the web pages of the court register.

Invitation to General Meeting, examples of forms - power of attorney for the General Meeting (available in Croatian), Report on Zagreb Stock Exchange, Inc. Management and Supervisory Board Members remuneration for 2019 and Remuneration Policy for Zagreb Stock Exchange, Inc. Management Board Members can be downloaded here:

The Company’s equity is divided into 4,635,700 ordinary registered shares. Each share has a nominal value of HRK 10,00.

All holders of ordinary shares shall enjoy equal rights.

The shares exist in the form of electronic records in the securities account of the central depository's electronic system, in accordance with applicable regulations, with an appropriate certificate issued to their shareholders.

Each share held shall entitle the shareholder to cast one vote at the General Meeting.

Top 5 by turnoverTop 5 risersTop 5 fallers
PODR672,11 415,00
RIVP459,71 25,80
ZABA314,71 49,00
ERNT236,54 1.230,00
ARNT174,45 270,00
ADRS2149,98 373,00
TUHO137,70 2.700,00
ADPL126,93 137,50
HT104,51 176,50
PLAG88,20 1.400,00

Fall: 9 Neutral: 4 Rise: 8

Live trade
Short report for 10.7.2020
Total turnover4.859.270 Kn
Regular turnover4.859.270 Kn
Equity 4.859.270 Kn
Debt 0 Kn
Structured 0 Kn
Block turnover0 Kn
OTC turnover90.061.679 Kn