Products & Services: How to invest on the Exchange?

Can I trade on a stock exchange by myself?

A transaction on a stock exchange must be done through a broker. A broker is an employee of an investment firm who performs, on the basis of authorization issued by the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency, the activities covered by the investment services referred to in the Croatian Capital Market Act.
An investment firm that trades on the Zagreb Stock Exchange must be a member of the Exchange.

What is an investment firm?

“Investment firm” means any legal person authorized by the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency whose regular occupation or business is the provision of one or more investment services to third parties and/or the performance of one or more investment activities on a professional basis.

What does your broker do for you?

Broker will carry out the client's instructions to buy or sell.
The broker must be of sufficiently good repute and must have the required professional qualifications as well as the authorization of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency.

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