The Exchange: Markets

Zagreb Stock Exchange manages two stock markets: Regulated Market and a multilateral trading facility Progress Market.

Regulated Market

Regulated market is a trading segment in which it is possible to trade listed instruments.
Regulated market is divided into the following subsegments:
Prime Market is the most demanding market segment with regard to the requirements set before the issuer, particularly in relation to transparency.
Transparency involves the submission of all the information stipulated by law and Exchange Rules concerning the issuer and the listed financial instruments which may affect the price of the respective instruments.

Progress Market

Progress market is a multilateral trading facility in Croatia and Slovenia, managed by the Zagreb Stock Exchange, for the realization of small and medium enterprises investment plans. It is one of the first SME Growth Markets registred within the EU.
The main characteristic of the Progress Market are lower transparency requirements for the issuers compared to the regulated market and, consequently, a higher associated risk of investing in financial instruments traded on the Progress Market. European Union finds that platforms like Progress are a desirable model for SME financing. The less restrictive legal framework facilitates access to capital required for growth and development.
The Progress Market is part of the development-oriented strategy of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, with a goal to create conditions for growth and development for companies in all stages of development. Easy access to capital facilitates SME growth, creating a positive environment for entrepreneurs, economic growth and employment.
Regulated market with a high level of transparency
MTF for small and medium enterprises