Trading: Trading Models

Trading system supports the following Market Models:

  1. Continuous Trading
  2. Low Liquidity Trading
  3. Auction Trading
Documentation: Trading Manuals & Trading Models


Classification of shares in Market Models

Zagreb Stock Exchange shall classify shares into Market models every 6 (six) months according to the liquidity criteria, including average daily turnover and the average number of concluded order book transactions.

Any shares with at least 1 (one) transaction a day or an average daily turnover of at least EUR 2,000.00 over a period of six months are traded in procedure Continuous Trading.

All other shares are considered less liquid and are traded in procedure Low Liquidity Trading.

Exceptionally, any shares with an average daily turnover of at least 70,000.00 EUR in the course of a trading week, as well as at least one transaction a day and at least 15 transactions a week, will undergo a fast transition from trading procedure Low Liquidity Trading to Continuous Trading.

Continuous Trading always involves the shares listed on the Prime market or Official market, as well as the shares in respect of which there is Market Maker contract concluded between the Exchange and a member firm and the shares included in the CROBEX® or another Exchange index.

The list of stocks to be traded in each trading procedure is published every first Friday of the semester and on Fridays after the end of trading if any stock has met the criteria for fast transition to Continuous Trading procedure:

Securities under a low liquidity trading procedure

Securities under a continuous trading procedure