The tourism sector in the Republic of Croatia is one of the most important branches of the economy, and its share in the total gross national product is estimated at almost 25%, and according to some sources, this is the highest share in all of Europe.

The tradition of organized tourism in Croatia is about 150 years long, and today Croatia is one of the most visited and most important tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and Central Europe.

The stability and growth of the tourism sector are of great importance for maintaining a favorable investment environment, and its connection with the stock exchange as a central place for trading financial instruments can play one of the major roles in the development of the country's economy, and it is of the utmost importance that this connection is carefully monitored and understood.

Considering the importance of the tourism sector in the Croatian economy, it is not surprising that on the Zagreb Stock Exchange it is the most numerous in terms of listed shares, it is the third in terms of market capitalization, accounting for approximately 20% of trading, which corresponds to the share of tourism in the total GDP of Croatia.

For the above reasons, the intention of the Zagreb Stock Exchange is to profile the domestic capital market as a leading place in Southeastern Europe for financing tourist companies. Domestic private and institutional investors have a good understanding of the operations of tourism companies and participate very actively in the financing of this sector, therefore we see significant potential for expanding the base of investment opportunities in the tourism sector on the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

Our desire is to provide tourism companies with even greater visibility through the website of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and related communication channels. Guided by this vision, we created a special section that would provide information about companies from the tourism sector so that the public could get to know them additionally through periodic publications of their profiles, especially considering the trends that indicate the increasingly strong positioning of Croatia on the world tourist map.