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Ilirija d.d. is a company headquartered in Biograd na Moru with more than 66 years of continuous tourist activity and presence on the domestic and international markets. The Company is now one of the twenty leading tourist companies in Croatia, ranking number seven in Dalmatia, and one of the three leading tourist companies in Zadar County.

The company is the leading driver of the overall tourist and economic development of the Biograd Riviera.The facilities occupy the most attractive and prestigious coastal and downtown locations, in the vicinity of four national parks and three nature parks, making it the perfect destination for exploring all natural and cultural wonders of Croatia.

In this period, the Company grew from a solely hotel company into a contemporary tourist company with all key segments of the Mediterranean, that is, Adriatic tourist offer, and as of 2016 - with the acquisition of the City Galleria Business and Shopping Centre - the Company can offer a wide range of activities under a portfolio consisting of the following five sectors: 

  1. Hotel sector (Ilirija Resort Hotels&Villas) with a total of four hotels, 435 rooms, 910 beds
  2. Nautical sector (Marina Kornati) - 805 berths, 2,000 persons
  3. Camping ("Park Soline" campsite) - 1,208 pitches, 3,624 persons
  4. The destination management company/DMC Ilirija Travel represents a complementary and integrated product of all tourist sectors of the Company, through which 175 special events for 17,518 persons were organised in the first nine months of 2023, and which carries out its business activities in the following facilities: Arsenal, a dispersed hotel, "Nada" event boat and Villa Primorje.
  5. The real estate sector, i.e. the City Galleria Business and Shopping Centre, located in Zadar, is one of the two largest shopping centres in the wider Zadar region.
An integral part of the offer within the tourism sector of the Company are also restaurant facilities with food and drink offers and services (restaurant "Marina Kornati", restaurant "Park Soline", Aquatic Centre, Lavender Lounge Bar and "Donat" Beach Bar). The conference facilities are intended for clients who are looking for a complete event organisation service (logistical, technical, restaurant, etc.) in an authentic environment reflecting the history, culture and tradition of the place, destination and region. 
The Company bases its business on the provision of services through its facilities (hotel, nautical and camping facilities), while also providing additional amenities and services through the system of the destination management company Ilirija Travel. 

Reasons and objectives for stock exchange listing

Since 2003, the Company’s shares have been listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, on the Listing of Public Limited Companies, and since then, they have been part of the regulated capital market of the Republic of Croatia. Since 2009, the Company shares have been listed on the Regular Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. Pursuant to the Decision of the General Assembly of 4 September 2015, i.e. the decision of the Zagreb Stock Exchange of 26 October 2015, all Ilirija d.d. shares were listed, i.e. they were transferred to the Official Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, marking a new chapter of the Company’s market, financial and stock market presence and further development as a contemporary corporate company. 

The Company finds the listing on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, the meeting point of a range of top business entities in the Republic of Croatia, the financial and business data of which can be continuously monitored and compared, to be a definite sign of its business reputation. Moreover, by being listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, the Company has gained a lot of visibility among domestic and foreign investors, which considerably increased the probability of acquiring the necessary capital through public offering of shares and resulted in the fact that the Company dispersed its portfolio and grew from an exclusively tourist company into a company with a wide range of activities. 

Furthermore, financing through the capital market bolsters the capital position of the companies, provides additional security for existing and new investors, and grants greater freedom to companies, when compared to financing through banks, by strengthening the financial position of the Company for its further development and growth. 

Listing on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, especially moving to a higher listing, additionally fortified the Company’s position as a public company, and significantly strengthened its operations in accordance with the principles and practice of good corporate governance with a high level of transparency and responsibility towards all its stakeholders. This means that the Company publicly discloses key information on its business in a timely manner, in accordance with the relevant regulations, starting from financial reports, which realistically and objectively portray the Company’s financial position and business results, decisions of the management bodies, corporate news, sustainability reports, etc., thereby boosting the transparency and openness of the company towards all its stakeholders - especially the investment community, the domestic and international capital market.


The Company’s business operations are anchored in the principles of sustainable development, which presuppose that economic development does not endanger the existing natural resources, the cultural, historic and natural heritage. This approach of responsible and sustainable tourism, which harmonises all present and future economic, social, managerial and ecological demands of all participants in the business process, ensures the long-term viability of the Company as a business entity, tourism as an industry and a future for generations to come.

Likewise, the Company focuses on continuous economic growth and development, maintaining competitiveness in the tourism industry with the aim of contributing to the well-being of the local community and way of life of the tourist destination through its operations, but also to harmonising the interests of all participants of the business process - starting from shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, other creditors, the local and broader social community, without jeopardising the preservation of nature and the natural resources used by the Company.

The company acknowledges that business success is not measured only by achieving financial results, but that it also implies partaking in activities in the area of social responsibility and contributing to sustainable development. Being socially responsible for us implies that creating company or shareholder value simultaneously produces value for the wider community.

E (Environmental protection) - Environmental protection and the preservation of resources such as water, air, soil and biodiversity are an extremely important segment in the Company’s business. One of the main business objectives is to reduce the overall negative impacts of our activities on the environment, but also on climate change.

In its daily operating activities, the Company is striving to reduce the consumption of any form of energy in its facilities. This is achieved by using devices and machines with a high energy rating, purchasing electric vehicles, using energy-saving technologies and reducing redundant energy consumption through various everyday measures and employee trainings. 

Rationing resources such as drinking water is also acknowledged as a segment that is being managed in the Company on a daily basis. The Company uses water from its own wells to irrigate the green areas in the camp and it installed water-saving equipment at all consumer areas of the accommodation capacities.

Waste produced in business processes is meticulously and efficiently separated in order to separate recyclable parts. This reduces the overall generated waste and the Company is additionally investing in equipment that reduces the volume of produced waste.

Preserving biodiversity as a method of nature conservation is especially highlighted in our operations. The Company is making every effort to preserve ecosystems around its facilities - the best example is the camp where the existing forest plantations are renewed annually and native Mediterranean species are planted.

The Company manages the environment systematically and by implementing the ISO 14001 international standard, which is implemented and certified in all parts of the business. The criteria and international eco-labels such as the Blue Flag in the nautical sector and the Green Key in the camping sector are also maintained.

S (Social responsibility) - Social responsibility of business operations is ensured through: transparent and open communication with stakeholders, the development of the local and regional economy, employing the local population, care for employees by ensuring the right to personal and professional development and concern for material rights, hiring local suppliers, the corporate philanthropy system that supports the activities and projects of wider interest to the community, activities in the area of the development of the offer and amenities of the destinations in which we operate, participation in the activity of expert and professional associations, supporting the activities of other organisations, associations, local and regional self-government, as well as promoting and implementing the activities of sustainable and responsible business.

G (Governance) - The company operates in accordance with principles and practices of good corporate governance, providing a high level of transparency and accountability in relation to its stakeholders. The Company has a dualistic management structure with clearly separated powers and responsibilities, it applies the corporate governance code and code of business ethics, clearly set and communicated business objectives and adheres to the diversity and equal opportunity principles, continual activities focused on the excellence of service and operational processes through the implementation of domestic and international management, service quality and safety standards. Also, the Company’s business operations are guided by the principles of sustainable business, which is an integral part of its corporate strategy and its aim is to create added value for all stakeholders in its business process by balancing their rights, liabilities and interests. Setting up the sustainable business strategy this way creates new opportunities for business development and sustainability through continuous development of new products and services.

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