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Company profile

By continuously investing in destination development, product quality, primarily at the premium market segment, and the managerial know-how, Maistra has become one of the leading tourist companies in Croatia. 

Today, Maistra is present at three prestige Croatian destinations (Rovinj/Vrsar, Zagreb and Dubrovnik) and its managerial and/or ownership portfolio includes 24 hotels, 6 campsites, and 8 tourist resorts that are divided in 4 own and 2 global brands:
  • Collection – luxurious hotels in Rovinj with the Monte Mulini Zone (Grand Park Hotel, Monte Mulini, and Lone)
  • Select – resort hotels and tourist resorts in Rovinj, Vrsar and Dubrovnik where the Amarin Zone stands out with its family hotel and a renovated campsite
  • Camping – campsites in Rovinj and Vrsar
  • City Vibes – city hotels in Zagreb where the latest investment in the Zonar Hotel (ex Panorama) stands out
  • Marriott – franchises of Sheraton and Westin for 3 hotels in Zagreb and Dubrovnik
  • Hilton – the management for the Grand Hotel Imperial in Dubrovnik

Reasons and objectives for stock exchange listing

Being listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange brings numerous advantages to the Maistra Hospitality Group. As part of the Adris Group, we are first and foremost dedicated to transparency, and as a public company, we are subject to more stringent regulatory requirements and reporting standards, which ultimately leads to better corporate governance. Furthermore, as a public company on the stock exchange, we want to increase our visibility and reputation amongst our guests, current and potential employees, business partners, and investors. By being listed on the stock exchange, we are facilitating the sale of our shares for our shareholders by increasing market liquidity for stock trading, and the determination of the market value. Ultimately, being listed on the stock market gives us the possibility to raise additional capital as a capital intensive company that we can invest in order to further expand our business, increase the competitiveness of our business and/or reduce our debt.


As part of the Adris Group, Maistra has a long-lasting tradition of sustainable business in which quality management, responsibility towards our employees, community, and the environment are the bases of sustainability, stability, and profitability.

E (Environmental responsibility) – Maistra Hospitality Group is continuously contributing towards the reduction of harmful emissions, as well as the increase of energy and resource efficiency. We are systematically working on a more efficient waste management, bigger energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, the reduction of our carbon footprint, efficient food management, etc.

S (Social responsibility) – the success of a company greatly depends on recognising the key stakeholder groups, their interests and expectations, risks, and the opportunities arising from those relationships, and on an active approach to those relationships. Partnership with all the stakeholder groups is one of the basis of the corporate management and corporate culture of Maistra Hospitality Group as a company in the Adris Group. The key stakeholders of Maistra Hospitality Group are: employees and syndicates, consumers, stakeholders, suppliers and partners, regulatory authorities and the public administrative authorities, the local community, scientific and educational institutions, and the media.

G (Business and compliance) – the innovative products and services that are completely suited to the needs and expectations of our guests are the main competitive advantage of Maistra Hospitality Group, which allows us to maintain a leading market position, profitability, and resilience. Because we are aware that consumers are increasingly taking into consideration the environmental impact when choosing a company or a brand, it is this company’s intention to offer sustainable products and services, and to ensure a digital transformation through investments in the improvement of user experience along with ESG risk management as part of corporate governance.

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