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In recent years, Arena Hospitality Group has successfully transformed from a Croatian and summer season focused hospitality and tourism operating company, into an international and highly diversified hospitality owner / operator.

The company is currently active in five countries and has a strong presence in European capital cities and in attractive resort locations. It operates across different market segments in the hospitality industry, from self-catering apartments and camping and glamping products, to upper upscale hotels, beach and ski resorts and premium lifestyle hotels.

Today, the group’s 29-strong managed property portfolio - with over 10,000 accommodation units - stretches from Berlin to Cologne, from Budapest to Belgrade and Nassfeld and from Zagreb to Pula making Arena Hospitality Group one of Croatia’s most progressive international hospitality companies.

To ensure each property delivers optimum results, several owned commercial brands as well as several trusted and recognised brands including TUI Blue and, under an exclusive licence, several brands of Radisson Hotel Group are used by Arena.

Arena’s brand architecture includes:

- Radisson Collection - Radisson’s brand for luxury hotels, used for Grand Hotel Brioni in Pula, a Radisson Collection Hotel, 
- art’otel - a premium lifestyle brand, used for the properties in Berlin, Cologne and Zagreb,
- Park Plaza - award-winning upper upscale brand, applied across several of the group’s properties in Berlin, Nuremberg, Pula and Medulin,
- Radisson RED - the youthful upscale bold and colourful brand, selected for the new hotel in Belgrade,
- Arena Hotels - our own midscale brand, currently used for several of the properties in Pula and Medulin, 
- Arena Campsites and Glamping - a local brand used for Arena’s well-located campsites and unique glamping and lodging properties throughout Istria.
Arena’s revenue is generated from different market segments comprising predominantly holidaymakers from across Europe with a more diversified business mix in Germany, Hungary and Serbia, where the portfolio caters for both business and leisure travellers as well as conference and trade fair delegates. 

Reasons and objectives for stock exchange listing

Listing our shares on the Zagreb Stock Exchange was a significant milestone for Arena, as it has enabled the group to access a wider and more diverse investor base, and supported fund-raising activities.

Our public listing enables us to tap into the growing interest and demand for the hospitality sector in Croatia and the region, as well as attract more institutional and retail investors who share our vision and values of delivering sustainable growth. Our listing has helped to enhance our liquidity and visibility in the market, as well as providing us with greater flexibility and transparency in our operations.

The new capital raised in recent years has enabled us to further improve and reposition our property portfolio and secure new attractive properties in European capital cities. We are committed to further optimise and grow our group, generating value for our stakeholders including investors.

We are confident that the listing of our shares on the Zagreb Stock Exchange will help us to create long-term value for our shareholders, customers, team members, and partners, as well as contribute to the development of the Croatian economy and tourism industry.


As we strengthen and expand our hospitality portfolio, we know that the success of our business is intrinsically linked to our ability to change, evolve, and grow sustainably. We recognise the importance of looking after our people, local communities and our planet.

Our aim is to further establish Arena Hospitality Group as a leader in sustainable and responsible tourism across the CEE region, centred around quality, excellence, stakeholders’ participation, local community inclusion and high-level green and social competitiveness.
Our Sustainability targets are based on three pillars:
  1. Environmental (E) considers our consumption of natural resources, our impact on the environment and how we manage associated environmental risks. Environmental risk can have a very significant impact on tourism sector as whole and the company is committed to its climate action goals
  2. Social (S) looks at how we maintain connections with our workforce, suppliers, customers, and the communities in which it operates, and what impact the Group has on people at each stage of the value or supply chain
  3. Governance (G) is concerned with leadership, executive remuneration, corruption, audits, internal controls, and shareholder rights
ENVIRONMENTAL GOALS - ‘Advancing to Net Zero’
Having considered our energy and water consumption, carbon footprint, Greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation, and overall pollution, below are key areas of our environmental goals:
  1. Achieving net zero carbon status by 2040
  2. Continuous reduction of our annual carbon emissions
  3. Decreasing our energy consumption by the production of our own electricity supply by using photovoltaic production and energy efficient initiatives. Reorientating to renewable sources of electricity wherever possible, with a view to having 100% renewable sourcing of electricity
  4. Reducing our waste intensity
  5. Aiming to have zero waste to landfill
  6. Reducing single-use plastic to zero and reducing disposable plastic progressively
  7. Reducing water consumption
  8. Maintain biodiversity in our managed properties
SOCIAL GOALS - ‘Passion in People’
Our focus is on stakeholder relationships, including relationships with team members, guests, the local community, and society as a whole. Our team members are at the centre of our ESG strategy and social goals and we continually invest in their well-being and development for growth:
  1. Maintain a high employee engagement rate, which is measured by our group wide employee engagement survey for employee satisfaction
  2. Representation of women at all levels across the Company
  3. Employee learning and development focus on increasing training hours per employee
  4. Double our investment in community initiatives to promote local culture & architectural heritage, to promote our contribution to local community infrastructure and offer training & skills to develop employability of local people of all ages, including youth
  5. Supplier engagement and due diligence with 100% ESG screening to be carried out
GOVERNANCE GOALS - ‘Continuous improvement’
Governance factors focus on all aspects of governance within an organisation, including how decisions are made, who makes business decisions and how processes are completed. 
The main governance targets are:
  1. Adopt European sustainability standard CSRD
  2. Ensure anti-corruption and anti-bribery training is delivered to all team members
  3. Refresh and launch our updated Ethical Business Practices programme

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