News: The first ETFs in Croatia on the Zagreb Stock Exchange

11/17/2020 17:00
For the first time, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are traded on the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

One of the ETFs 7CRO is linked to CROBEX10tr (index of the 10 most liquid shares of the Zagreb Stock Exchange), and the other 7SLO to SBITOP (index of the 11 most liquid shares of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange), which allows investors to invest in eminent Croatian and Slovenian in a very simple and cost-effective way. The issuer of ETFs is the investment company InterCapital Asset Management (ICAM).

We are proud to be the first asset management company in Croatia to be approved to launch ETFs related to leading regional stock indices. Guided by our mission of developing the domestic capital market through innovation and the application of the best international practices of the asset management industry, we have developed a product that we firmly believe will be extremely attractive to all potential investors. I would like to thank the teams of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, CDCC, HANFA and InterCapital Asset Management who have made great efforts over the past year to bring ETFs to life on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, said Hrvoje Čirjak, a member of the ICAM Management Board, and added: The intention is to list the same two funds on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange next year, which will enable Slovenian investors to easily invest in Croatian shares. This will contribute to connecting the Croatian and Slovenian capital markets, which is a small but important contribution to building the capital union proclaimed by the European Commission, which should benefit both investors in both markets and issuers who raise capital to finance their growth and development.

We are extremely pleased to welcome a new type of financial instrument on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, especially because it is a very popular asset class in the global sense, which are based on the values of stock indices of the Croatian and Slovenian markets. We are convinced that investors will recognize their attractiveness in our market, as they are given the opportunity to invest in shares in both markets in a simple and cost-effective way, added Ivana Gažić, President of the Management Board of the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

A video on the occasion of the first day of trading is available here.