News: 30 years since the first transaction on the Zagreb stock exchange

03/30/2022 14:26
On March 30, 1992, the first transaction was carried out on the Zagreb Stock Exchange.
The initiative to start the stock exchange activities was launched on 25 December 1990 at a session of the founding committee.

The founding agreement was signed on April 19, 1990, by 25 banks and insurance companies; the assembly was held on April 18, 1991, and the Stock Exchange was registered on July 5, 1991 as the Zagreb Stock Market.

However, it was necessary to wait for the start of privatization of companies in order to list the first securities.


The first activities of the Exchange were related to the primary issue of bonds of two companies: Arenaturist d.d. from Pula and Jadranka d.d. from Mali Lošinj.

The first transaction was concluded on March 30, 1992, and it was a trade in bonds of the company Jadranka d.d. from Mali Lošinj. The parties in the first transaction were brokerage houses Marinpex and Investco.

At that time, trading took place on the trading floor in the premises of the Stock Exchange in Zagreb's Ksaver, at auctions run by the auction manager, while brokers expressed their bids using numerated sticks, and transaction were entered into a central computer.

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