News: Zagreb stock exchange successfully completed annual accreditation as LEI code operator

04/21/2020 16:42

The Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) once again successfully completed the annual accreditation process as LEI allocation agency (LOU, Local Operating Unit) by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF), once again confirming the quality of the Exchange's service as a local LEI code operator.

The 2015 ZSE was granted a Pre-LOU status by the LEI ROC (Regulatory Oversight Committee), authorizing it to assign and administer LEI codes in a transitional period. Following an extensive accreditation process for the transition to Local Operating Unit status, at the end of 2017, the Zagreb Stock Exchange was successfully accredited as a local operator and became the 17th organization in the world to which GLEIF was awarded this status.

ZSE is authorized to issue LEI codes to entities registered in 12 countries, currently managing more than 1,100 codes, and is continuously among the top LEI codes operators in the world, according to monthly data quality reports published by GLEIF.

The initiative to create the Global LEI System (GLEIS) was taken by the G20 with the purpose to improve transparency and risk assessment in the financial markets. In addition to create a framework for identifying entities across the globe, standardized legal entity identifier codes will enable regulators to monitor and control counterparty exposure in a more efficient manner.

Zagreb Stock Exchange was the first organization in Croatia as well as in the region to provide this service of great importance for global financial stability and thereby contribute to the safety and efficiency of financial activities that take place at local and global levels.