News: Zagreb Stock Exchange marks 5 years of listing

08/31/2021 15:34
The Zagreb Stock Exchange marked the fifth anniversary of the listing its share (ZSE: ZB) on the regulated market managed by the Stock Exchange itself. Trading in the Zagreb Stock Exchange shares within the Zagreb Stock Exchange’s Official Market began on 31 August 2016.

The Zagreb Stock Exchange was and still is the only stock exchange in Central and Southeast Europe whose shares are listed on a regulated market, which sets new standards of transparency and corporate governance criteria and further strengthens the position of ZSE as a leader in capital market operations and services in the wider region.

"It was an exciting start to a new era for the Zagreb Stock Exchange and a continuation of our goal to be a financial institution of regional importance, and to create an environment in which companies can complete their development path from idea to a regulated market listing. It is a concept that we continue to build successfully. Listing was also the initiator of the positive transformation process within the company and greatly contributed to our experience on how much benefits it can bring to our business. It is our wish, together with all stakeholders, to continue to be a place to raise capital for companies and the state as well, a place where investment opportunities are created for small investors, but also an entity that positively affects the transparency and development of corporate governance culture. It was important for us to set a positive example to other companies, expand the investor base and create a foundation for raising new capital for growth and development, if necessary. All this would not be possible without cooperation with the regulator, the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency, as well as without the support of our shareholders in preserving and further developing the only regulated market in the Republic of Croatia, an integral and very important part of the Croatian financial system" stated on the occasion Ivana Gažić, President of the Management Board of the Stock Exchange.