News: "ZSE Stock Talk" video series launched

03/02/2021 16:06

The Zagreb Stock Exchange has launched a video series "ZSE Stock Talk".

Through a series ofshorter video formats, we will have the opportunity to hear what some of the most prominent Croatian experts in the fields of finance, economics, capital markets, etc. say about current topics in these areas.
The first block consists of three videos and is subtitled "Macroeconomists of 2021": some of our most prominent economists will share their thoughts on GDP, interest rates, unemployment rates, the role of tourism in the Croatian economy and others.

The first series features:
  • Velimir Šonje, Arhivanalitika/ Economic Lab, founder and director
  • Vedran Šošić, Chief Economist of the Croatian National Bank
  • Hrvoje Stojić, macroeconomist, PBZ CROATIA OSIGURANJE
  • Zrinka Živković Matijević, Director of Economic and Financial Research, Raiffeisenbank Austria
  • Kristina Pukšec, Partner, Head of the Trading Department, InterCapital