News: The investment conference "CEE Investment Opportunities" has started

06/01/2023 14:49
Zagreb, June 1, 2023 - The investment conference "CEE Investment Opportunities" of the Zagreb and Ljubljana stock exchanges has started in Zagreb.

The event has traditionally taken place every spring in Zagreb since 2014, and was envisaged as a meeting place for Slovenian, Croatian and international investors and eminent issuers from the Zagreb and Ljubljana Stock Exchanges, with the aim of enabling direct contact through a series of individual meetings.

At this year's event, in addition to Croatian and Slovenian companies, companies listed on the Macedonian Stock Exchange and, for the first time, several Romanian companies from the Bucharest Stock Exchange participated.

Participation was registered by 28 investment companies and banks, represented by around 60 analysts and investors from the region and abroad, and in total they will hold around 250 meetings with the listed companies.

As part of the event, a presentation of the Slovenian, Croatian and Romanian capital markets was held, the potential of which was presented by representatives of the Slovenian investment company Ilirika, Croatian InterCapital and the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

On that occasion, Ivana Gažić, President of the Management Board of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, said: We share a similar development path and economic framework with the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, and we cooperate extremely well. Direct and continuous contact between investors and companies is crucial for the development of mutual trust, and we are glad that this event has grown into one of the central meeting points of the domestic and regional investment community. Companies listed on the Macedonian Stock Exchange have been participating in our investment events for some time, and we are extremely happy that several companies from the Bucharest Stock Exchange are joining us for the first time this year. Such events also have a positive effect on the better visibility of our companies on the global investment map, and they provide us as stock exchanges with an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience.

Aleš Ipavec, President of the Management Board of the Ljubljana Stocke Exchange, added: For several years, the Ljubljana and Zagreb Stock Exchanges have engaged in beneficial collaboration across numerous initiatives. This partnership has proven highly successful, not only in advancing our listed companies through diverse events but also in fostering the growth and exploration of new prospects for both listed and non-listed companies. Our joint endeavors have yielded positive outcomes, including amplified market exposure and increased appeal to international investors, especially through events like this which offer significant advantages, fostering direct engagement, knowledge exchange, and potential investment opportunities. These types of events are progressively evolving to the regional level, as companies from CEE countries actively participate and vice versa, where we also proactively facilitate the participation of our companies and investors in events organized by regional stock exchanges. With great enthusiasm, we anticipate surpassing our current level of collaboration and eagerly embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.

The main goal of the event is to facilitate the access of Slovenian and Croatian listed companies to local and international investors and thus strengthen their visibility and liquidity. The event is a perfect opportunity for investors and analysts to learn more about the best Slovenian and Croatian listed companies.

The Zagreb and Ljubljana Stock Exchanges will continue with individual and joint activities to increase investor interest and to further strengthen the existing trust of local as well as international investors.