News: Revision of CROBEXplus and sector indices

05/08/2014 12:34
In accordance to the provisions of the Zagreb Stock Exchange CROBEXplus© index resolution from April 23, 2014, the Index Committee has concluded, at the meeting on May 7, 2014, a regular revision of the Zagreb Stock Exchange index CROBEXplus© and sector indices. The revision was carried out based on the trading data from November 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014.

The following stocks will be excluded from CROBEXplus© index and corresponding sector index:
  • Hidroelektra niskogradnja d.d. (code HDEL-R-A) – sector index CROBEXkonstrukt;
  • Excelsa nekretnine d.d. (code ATLN-R-A);
  • Kaštelanski staklenici d.d. (code KSST-R-A) – sector index CROBEXnutris;
  • Tisak d.d. (code TISK-R-A);
  • Ingra d.d. (code INGR-R-A) – sector index CROBEXkonstrukt.
The following stocks will be included in the CROBEXplus© index and corresponding sector index:
  • Croatia osiguranje d.d. (code CROS-R-A);
  • Imperial d.d. (code HIMR-R-A) –  sector index CROBEXturist;
  • HUP – Zagreb d.d. (code HUPZ-R-A) – sector index CROBEXturist;
  • Lošinjska plovidba - holding d.d. (code LPLH-R-A) – sector index  CROBEXtransport;
  • Saponia d.d. (code SAPN-R-A) – sector index CROBEXindustrija;
  • Zvijezda d.d. (code ZVZD-R-A) – sector index CROBEXnutris.
The calculation of CROBEXplus© and sector indices with new composition will start on May 19, 2014.
  Trading code Issuer Sector index
1 ADPL-R-A AD Plastik d.d. CROBEXindustrija
2 ADRS-P-A Adris grupa d.d.  
3 ARNT-R-A Arenaturist d. d. CROBEXturist
4 ATGR-R-A Atlantic Grupa d.d. CROBEXnutris
5 ATPL-R-A Atlantska plovidba d.d. CROBEXtransport
6 BLJE-R-A Belje d.d. Darda CROBEXnutris
7 CROS-R-A Croatia osiguranje d.d.  
8 DDJH-R-A Đuro Đaković holding d.d. CROBEXindustrija
9 DLKV-R-A Dalekovod d.d. CROBEXkonstrukt
10 ERNT-R-A Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d. CROBEXindustrija
11 HIMR-R-A Imperial d.d. CROBEXturist
12 HT-R-A HT d.d.  
13 HUPZ-R-A HUP – Zagreb d.d. CROBEXturist
14 IGH-R-A Institut IGH d.d. CROBEXkonstrukt
15 INA-R-A Ina d.d. CROBEXindustrija
16 JDPL-R-A Jadroplov d.d. CROBEXtransport
17 KOEI-R-A Končar - elektroindustrija d.d. CROBEXindustrija
18 KORF-R-A Valamar Adria Holding d.d. CROBEXturist
19 KRAS-R-A Kraš d.d. CROBEXnutris
20 LEDO-R-A Ledo d.d. CROBEXnutris
21 LKPC-R-A Luka Ploče d.d. CROBEXtransport
22 LKRI-R-A Luka Rijeka d.d. CROBEXtransport
23 LPLH-R-A Lošinjska plovidba - holding d.d. CROBEXtransport
24 PODR-R-A Podravka d.d. CROBEXnutris
25 PTKM-R-A Petrokemija d.d. CROBEXindustrija
26 SAPN-R-A Saponia d.d. CROBEXindustrija
27 THNK-R-A Tehnika d.d. CROBEXkonstrukt
28 ULPL-R-A Uljanik Plovidba d.d. CROBEXtransport
29 VART-R-1 Varteks d. d. CROBEXindustrija
30 VDKT-R-A Viadukt d.d. CROBEXkonstrukt
31 VIRO-R-A Viro tvornica šećera d.d. CROBEXnutris
32 VPIK-R-A Vupik d.d. CROBEXnutris
33 ZABA-R-A Zagrebačka banka d.d.  
34 ZVZD-R-A Zvijezda d.d. CROBEXnutris