News: New Zagreb Stock Exchange Equity Index to be launched - CROBEX10tr

06/26/2020 15:21
 As of July 15, 2020 Zagreb Stock Exchange launches new equity index CROBEX10tr©.

CROBEX10tr© is a free float market capitalization weighted total return index with the same composition as the existing CROBEX10tr© index.

The weight of each constituent share will be capped to 20%. The base level of CROBEX10tr© will be set at 1.000,00 points on May 29, 2020. CROBEX10tr© will be calculated in real time in Croatian Kunas (HRK).  CROBEX10tr© identifiers will be as follows:
  • XETRA code: C10TR
  • ISIN: HRZB00ICB103
CROBEX10tr© is the eleventh Zagreb Stock Exchange equity index and the second Zagreb Stock Exchange total return index: in 1997 price index CROBEX® was launched, it was followed by CROBEX10® in September 2009, CROBEXplus® index and five sectoral indices in February 2013, in February 2014 CROBEXtr® was launched and in February 2019 CROBEXprime® index was created. Regional Zagreb and Ljubljana Stock Exchanges Prime Market index ADRIAprime® was launched in 2019.

The CROBEX10tr© index is another step in the efforts by the Zagreb Stock Exchange to provide investors with a reliable and publicly available investment performance benchmark for Croatian stocks, and such indices are also suitable for issuing structured products or ETF’s.