News: Initial composition of the CROBEXplus index and sectoral indices

02/11/2013 12:00
In accordance to the provisions of the Zagreb Stock Exchange resolution on the CROBEXplus© index and sectoral indices from February 7, 2013 the Index Committee has determined, at the meeting on February 7, 2013, an initial composition of the CROBEXplus© index and sectoral indices based on the trading data from August 1, 2012 to January 31, 2013.
CROBEXplus© and sectoral indices are equal weight indices meaning that all constituent shares will have equal weight in the indices. To be included into the CROBEXplus© index share has to be traded at least 70% trading days in the previous six months period with free float market capitalization greater then 10 m HRK. Number of shares in CROBEXplus© index is unlimited. Indices will be calculated in Croatian Kunas (HRK).
As of February 22, 2013 Zagreb Stock Exchange starts calculating new equity indices which include CROBEXplus© index and five sectoral indices.

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