News: Fifteen years of CROBEX index

09/04/2012 12:24
The Zagreb Stock Exchange index CROBEX® is having the fifteenth anniversary in September.

The acronym 'CROBEX' originated from its full name - Croatian Bourse Equity Index. CROBEX index has been calculated since the September 1, 1997. The base date is July 1, 1997, and the base value is 1,000.

The first composition of index CROBEX® included shares of Pliva d.d., Zagrebačka banka d.d., Podravka d.d., Plava Laguna d.d., Kraša d.d., Jadran-Turist d.d., Riviera Holding d.d. and Istraturist d.d.

The creation of  index CROBEX® was extremely important in the context of increasing the visibility of the domestic capital market, especially in the years when it was necessary to strengthen the shareholder culture and stimulate the interest of foreign investors for the Zagreb Stock Exchange and the Croatian capital market as a whole.