News: Extraordinary revision of CROBEXplus and CROBEXnutris indices

12/22/2020 14:36
In accordance to the provisions of the CROBEXplus© and sectoral indices resolution from January 20, 2020, the Index Committee has concluded, at the meeting on December 22nd 2020, an extraordinary index revision of the Zagreb Stock Exchange CROBEXplus© and CROBEXnutris© indices.

In accordance to Article 19 of the Resolution on CROBEXplus© index and sectoral indices, particular event for the extraordinary index revision is instigation of bankruptcy or liquidation against the company. As company VIRO TVORNICA ŠEĆERA d.d. announced the instigation of bankruptcy on December 18th, 2020, its shares shall be excluded from CROBEXplus© and CROBEXnutris© indices composition starting as of December 29th, 2020.