News: Extraordinary revision of CROBEX index

07/26/2011 17:12

Based on the Decision of the General Assembly of Zagrebačka banka d.d. (ZSE: ZABA-R-A) on the share capital increase dated July 26, 2011, the Zagreb Stock Exchange has made an extraordinary CROBEX® index revision.
The number of shares of Zagrebačka banka d.d. increased five times in the CROBEX® composition in accordance with the fact that each shareholder registered at Central Clearing and Depositary Company on the date of the General Assembly Decision will have the right to book four new shares.
For a period of 7/22/2011 to 7/26/2011 the Zagreb Stock Exchange encloses an overview of adjusted end-of-day CROBEX® index values reflecting the mentioned share capital increase. The recalculation is for informational purposes only in order to gain insight into the continuity of the index value movement due to the decision on share capital increase.

Date CROBEX Adjusted values  % change
22. 7. 2011. 2.207,85 0,49%
25. 7. 2011. 2.169,87 -1,72%
26. 7. 2011. 2.162,43 -0,34%