News: Extraordinary revision of CROBEX index

06/10/2010 11:21

As of July 5, weight of the Belišće d.d. shares will be decreased.

In accordance to the provisions of the Zagreb Stock Exchange index resolution from February 1, 2010, the Index Committee has concluded, at the meeting on June 10, 2010, an extraordinary revision of the Zagreb Stock Exchange index CROBEX© .

The revision was done after a takeover bid of Belišće d.d. by Duropack AG, a subsidiary of Constantia Packaging. Duropack announced that it holds 725.827 shares of Belišće d.d., which account for 62.34% of the share capital. Therefore free float factor of Belišće d.d. shares in CROBEX© index decreased from 55% to 17%.

Index Committee decided to decrease weight of Belišće d.d. shares in the CROBEX© index to 197.933 shares.

The calculation of CROBEX© index with new weightings will start on July 5, 2010.