News: Extraordinary revision of CROBEX, CROBEXplus and CROBEXindustrija indices

11/27/2013 16:11
In accordance to the provisions of the Resolution on the CROBEX index from August 23, 2013 and Resolution on the CROBEXplus index from February 7, 2013, the Index Committee has concluded, at the meeting on November 27, 2013, an extraordinary revision of the Zagreb Stock Exchange indices CROBEX, CROBEXplus and CROBEXindustrija.

The extraordinary revision was due to the fact company Dioki d.d. (trading code: DIOK-R-A) on November 27, 2013 has announced that  bankruptcy is being instigated against the company.

Exclusion of Dioki d.d. shares from CROBEX, CROBEXplus and CROBEXindustrija indices will be implemented after the close of trading on November 27, 2013.