News: Extraordinary revision of CROBEX and CROBEXtr indices

10/27/2015 16:35
In accordance to the provisions of the Resolution on CROBEX® index from December 22, 2014 and Resolution on CROBEXtr® index from August 6, 2014, the Index Committee has concluded, at the meeting on October 27, 2015, an extraordinary revision of the Zagreb Stock Exchange indices CROBEX® and CROBEXtr©.
The extraordinary revision was due to the following events:
  1. Capital increase of company TANKERSKA NEXT GENERATION d.d.
As of October 19, 2015, additional issue of 1.533.345 ordinary shares of TANKERSKA NEXT GENERATION d.d. (trading code: TPNG-R-A) were listed on the Official Market. The free float factor of TANKERSKA NEXT GENERATION d.d. shares changed to 50%. Index Committee decided to increase the weight of TANKERSKA NEXT GENERATION d.d. shares in the CROBEX® and CROBEXtr® indices to 4.366.673 shares.
  1.  Notification of the takeover Genera d.d.
On October 22, 2015, DECHRA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC announced that it holds 1.549.417 shares of Genera d.d. (trading code: VERN-R-A), which accounts for 83,99% of the share capital. The free float factor of Genera d.d. shares changed to 8%. Index Committee decided to decrease the weight of Genera d.d. shares in the CROBEX® and CROBEXtr® indices to 147.589 shares.

Changes in composition of CROBEX® and CROBEXtr© indices will be applied as of November 04, 2015.