News: Correction of HRRHMFO23BA4 reference price for 14 February 2019

02/15/2019 12:33
OTC trade number 201902140000011 with the HRRHMFO23BA4 bond was erroneously reported on 14 February 2019 with price which substantially deviated from the reference price. That also had impact on the CROBIS and CROBIStr index values. Therefore, the Zagreb Stock Exchange decided to ammend this OTC trade and correct the price. Also, the reference price for the bond HRRHMFO23BA4 and index values of CROBIS and CROBIStr indices have been re-calculated.

HRRHMFO23BA4 reference price on 14 February 2019: 103,33%

CROBIS value on 14 February 2019: 110,9469
CROBIStr value on 14 February 2019: 174,9921