News: Correction of CROBEX index

07/22/2011 12:02
Regarding numerous inquiries of investors and other financial market participants regarding today's correction of the Zagreb Stock Exchange share index CROBEX, we draw attention to the fact that the share price of  Zagrebačka banka d.d. (ZSE: ZABA-R-A), which is the fourth highest weighting CROBEX component, has significantly declined, which may be a result of the corporate action proposal specified n the notice from Zagrebačka banka d.d. dated June 15, 2011.

Company has scheduled a General Assembly for July 26, 2011 with one of the proposals being capital increase process.

All information regarding corporate actions and issuers’ notices are available through the Zagreb Stock Exchange website and hereby we emphasize the importance of continuous monitoring of issuers’ activities, which is necessary to make informed investment decisions.