News: Agreement on the Mon Perin Listing Signed

03/28/2022 14:54
March 28, 2022 Zagreb - An agreement on the listing of shares to the Official Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange of the company Mon Perin d.d. was signed today.

The agreement was signed by the President of the Management Board of Mon Perin d.d. Massimo Piutti and the President of the Management Board of the Zagreb Stock Exchange d.d. Ivana Gažić.

Photo: Josip Regović/PIXSELL

On this occasion, the President of the Management Board of Mon Perin d.d. Massimo Piutti said:
It is a great pleasure for me to be here today and to sign such an important strategic agreement for our company on behalf of Mon Perin. Mon Perin was founded in 2005, with the unique goal of revitalizing and developing the local community in which we operate, fostering a model of social, sustainable and participatory entrepreneurship. Today we can proudly say that the first development phase of Mon Perin is coming to an end, a period in which the Municipality of Bale-Valle has turned from a neglected environment into one of the most desirable and comfortable destinations for living in Croatia, and Mon Perin stands out as its main economic driver, participating in the budget of the Municipality in a certain period and with more than 40%, while today it participates with less than 20%, and indirectly and significantly more. This is a significant achievement for us because it was Mon Perin who contributed to the development and realization of other sources of income. We are facing a new, even more demanding and exciting phase of the Company's development. Listing on the Zagreb Stock Exchange will increase business transparency, which has been one of Mon Perin's original principles since its inception, and enable faster and easier stock trading, both for our current shareholders which are more than seven hundred and for all new potential investors. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the shareholders of Mon Perin and especially the Municipality of Bale-Valle, who participated in the founding and development of our company, and Mr. Plinio Cuccurin, the founder of Mon Perin and today's Chairman of the Supervisory Board and majority shareholder, which gathered 18 years ago his former schoolmates and friends and founded Mon Perin. Thanks to his vision, dedication and love for the region where he was born and raised, today we are writing such a beautiful story, in which young people have no fear of where to get a job and have no reason to leave their homeland. In the next five-year period, with 200 million HRK already invested in the tourism sector, we plan an additional investment cycle in raising the quality and structure of Mon Perin accommodation facilities, worth about 300 million HRK, of which 56 million HRK is invested this winter in preparation for the 2022 season.

We are extremely glad that the first listing this year are the shares of Mon Perin, a company with a long tradition and success in the development of Istria as a tourist destination. This is a very important event for the domestic capital market as it gets another share in the attractive and extremely important, for the domestic economy, tourism sector. The market is eager for new investment stories, which we have had the opportunity to see in recent years - as evidenced by the successfully completed recapitalization of Mon Perin, who then decided to go public. Each new issue represents a further incentive for transparency and development of the domestic capital market, and this further expands investment opportunities for investors, added Ivana Gažić, President of the Management Board of the Zagreb Stock Exchange d.d.

The first day of trading in shares of Mon Perin d.d. will be March 30, 2022.