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"Challenge of change" conference officially inaugurated
October 18th, 2018, Rovinj, Croatia ‒ The seventh joint conference of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and investment fund industry entitled "Challenge of Change", gathering almost 30 speakers and almost 450 participants from all branches of the financial industry, was inaugurated officially in Rovinj, Croatia.
The Conference represents a central event of the entire Croatian financial community, as well as that of the region, devoting great attention to global and European economic and market developments, viewing both capital market and funds’ asset management trends in Croatia from that same perspective.
Co-organizers of the Conference are the Zagreb Stock Exchange and the Association of Pension Funds and Pension Insurance Companies. The Association is a non-profit organization that began operations earlier this year. It was established with the aim to protect interests of mandatory and voluntary pension fund management companies as well as to improve their promotion, cooperation and partnership, and to raise the awareness among pension funds members.
On behalf of the organizers, the conference was inaugurated by Ivana Gazic, President of the Management Board of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, and Kristijan Buk, President of the Management Board of the AZ d.o.o. company for managing obligatory pension fund and President of the Association of Pension Funds and Pension Insurance.
For the ninth consecutive year now, daily business newspapers Poslovni dnevnik in cooperation with Zagreb Stock Exchange presented awards for the best investor relations, with the companies whose shares are constituents of the CROBEX index and those listed on the ZSE Official Market as eligible candidates; the award criteria include compliance by the issuers with the Exchange Rules and results of a survey conducted among capital market participants.
The award for the third ranking company went to Hrvatski telekom d.d., the second-ranking company was Valamar Riviera d.d. and the top-ranking company award went to Atlantic Grupa d.d.
The conference participants were addressed by Zdravko Marić, Minister of Finance; Marko Pavić,  Minister of Labour and Pension System;  Ante Žigman, President of the Board of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Authority           and Boris Vujčić, Governor of the Croatian National Bank followed by sever lectures by prominent foreign experts from Bader Bank, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs and Citibank.
One of the speakers was also Andy Baynes who had been working at Apple for 12 years with Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, and was a Nest and Google executive.
More information is available at the official conference website:

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