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Minimum size of block trade in bonds is changed
 Zagreb Stock Exchange is using large in scale (LIS) waiver for the execution of block trades for non-equity instruments which waive the obligation to make public pre-trade information.
LIS pre-trade tresholds are determined by ESMA for each bond type. Transparency calculations can be found on ESMA webpage.

In order to be complied with ESMA transparency calculations, the Zagreb Stock Exchange has to change the minimum size of block trade in bonds. Starting as of 01 June 2018 new minimum size of block trade in bonds will be applied in accordance to the bond type:
  • For sovereign bond - HRK 45,000,000.00;
  • For corporate bond - HRK 7,500,000.00;
  • For public bond - HRK 27,000,000.00.

The minimum size of block trades in shares stays unchanged and it amounts HRK 2,000,000.00.

Trading Manual can be found at the following link.

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