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  • Zagreb stock exchange and Bolsas y mercados Argentinos signed a memorandum of understanding
Zagreb stock exchange and Bolsas y mercados Argentinos signed a memorandum of understanding
Ivana Gažić, CEO of Zagreb Stock Exchange signed a Memorandum of Understanding with BYMA (Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos S.A.) to cooperate in the development of alternative products and technology that could help corporate financing in their respective markets.
Ernesto Allaria, BYMA President, said: This type of actions raises the Argentine Capital Market visibility and awareness.


We work closely with stock exchanges in the region but we strive to expand our cooperation horizons and keep up with global stock market trends. After the signing of the MoU with the Taiwan Stock Exchange last year, we are very pleased to have set up a framework for cooperation with the Argentine stock market. Only through mutual cooperation and exchange of knowledge and expertise can we contribute to the development of our financial systems, and economies, said Ivana Gažić.
The Argentine capital market was the most successful global market in 2017 - the Argentine stock market index Merval grew more than 77%, and the growth trend continues this year.

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