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Ownership structure

According to Article 293 paragraph 4, Croatian Securities market Law, Zagreb Stock Exchange is obliged to publish data on the shareholder structure.

Shareholder data are considered to be released, if they are publish, a least, on Zagreb stock Exchange website.

Therefore, the Exchange publishes ones a month information regarding its ownership structure, according to list of shareholders received from Central Depository and Clearing agency.

Overview of the ownership structure on the day (from Februray 28th, 2015 available in English):

All older ownership structure may be available on request, sent to e-mail

Top 5 by turnoverTop 5 risersTop 5 fallers
HT1.752,96 149,50
KOEI313,21 635,00
LRHC152,68 1.920,00
ADPL68,78 179,00
RIVP27,69 37,10
DDJH23,29 16,60
ATLN22,48 171,00
VART20,00 11,00
KRAS19,00 380,00
INA18,96 3.160,00

Fall: 6 Neutral: 10 Rise: 3

Live trade
Short report for 15.10.2018
Total turnover13.761.727 Kn
Regular turnover11.092.837 Kn
Equity 11.092.837 Kn
Debt 0 Kn
Structured 0 Kn
Block turnover2.668.890 Kn
OTC turnover7.848.290 Kn