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  • Winter edition of “Slovenia and Croatia Investor Day” in Ljubljana
Winter edition of “Slovenia and Croatia Investor Day” in Ljubljana
InterCapital Securities awarded as the best member firm

Investor Day of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) and Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) is being held in Ljubljana. Following previous successful joint events, this is the first winter edition of the Investor Day.

Investors have an opportunity to hold meetings with the most prominent Slovenian and Croatian listed companies in one day: Krka d. d. Novo mesto, Luka Koper d. d., Nova Ljubljanska banka d. d., Petrol, d. d., Ljubljana, Sava Re, d. d., Ljubljana, Telekom Slovenije, d. d., Ljubljana, Zavarovalnica Triglav, d. d., Ljubljana, AD Plastik d. d., Arena Hospitality Group d. d., Atlantic Grupa d. d., Ericsson Nikola Tesla, INA - industrija nafte d. d., Podravka prehrambena industrija d. d., Valamar Riviera d. d. and Zagreb Stock Exchange.

As many as 25 investment companies and banks and 34 analysts and investors from Croatia, Estonia, Malta, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey attended the event. Investors have registered for 140 meetings and in one day the companies will have held as many as 109 individual and group meetings.

The event hosted a presentation on the Slovenian and Croatian capital markets - presentations were held by representatives of Ilirika and Intercapital Securities. In addition, the event hosted the traditional Ljubljana Stock Exchange award ceremony where the LJSE awarded the best listed companies and the best member firm. For the first time in the history of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Member of the Year is a Croatian company - Intercapital Securities. Intercapital has been operating on the Slovenian market for three years as a direct member of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and in 2019 achieved the largest share turnover on the market. Market making services that Intercapital alone provides for the four largest Slovenian corporate clients have also made a major contribution to this achievement. It was Intercapital that launched the market making activities on the Slovenian market after ten years of its discontinuation. 

It is a great honor to receive the Member of the Year award at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange for the first time. For many years, Interkapital has been the leading member of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and we are extremely proud that this year our expertise and quality of service were recognized by investors at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. We firmly believe that this award confirms the validity of our strategy of constant promotion of the Slovenian capital market and the dedication of all our employees. In the coming years, we will continue to develop our services and be the pioneer of innovation in the regional market in line with global best practices, thriving to introduce them to domestic and foreign investors, said Daniel Delac, a Member of Intercapital’s Management Board.

On this occasion, Mr Aleš Ipavec, President of the Management Board of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, stated: We are very pleased to have joined forces with the Zagreb Stock Exchange to also promote listed companies in Slovenia, as in this way we exploit synergies and offer investors easier access to the companies of both markets. Investors' interest in this year's conference has shown us that our decision was right, as the number of investors this year is very high, and the conference is truly a success. The exchanges cooperate also in other areas of market promotion and development and we have already seen positive outcomes from our joint efforts, such as greater visibility of our markets and higher interest of international investors, new markets catering to the needs of small and medium sized enterprises and much more. We believe that we can raise the bar on possible collaboration even higher and we are really looking forward to what the future holds.

Mrs. Ivana Gažić, President of the Management Board of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, further added: Zagreb and Ljubljana Stock Exchanges are continuously working on expanding communication channels between companies and investors. With this winter edition of our joint investor day, we have provided both companies and investors another platform for meeting and exchanging information and we will continue to work together to support open dialogue between companies and investors.

The main goal of the event is to facilitate the access of Slovenian and Croatian listed companies to local and international investors and thus strengthen their visibility and liquidity.

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