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Slovenian and Croatian investor days 2018
This year's traditional Slovenian and Croatian Investor Days in the organisation of the Ljubljana and Zagreb Stock Exchanges will be held on 24 and 25 May 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The event has become a traditional event taking place in May of every year offering investors one-on-one meetings with listed companies. Due to the growing interest of investors each year, last year the organisers decided to extend the event into a two-day event in order to be able to offer to as many investors as possible the opportunity to meet with the company representives.

The main goal of the event is to facilitate the access of Slovenian and Croatian listed companies to local and international investors and thus strenthen their visibility and liquidity. The event is a perfect opportuntiy for investors and analysts to to learn more about the best Slovenian and Croatian listed companies.

Top 5 by turnoverTop 5 risersTop 5 fallers
HT1.742,64 150,50
KOEI313,21 635,00
LRHC152,68 1.920,00
ADPL68,78 179,00
RIVP27,69 37,10
DDJH23,29 16,60
ATLN22,48 171,00
VART20,00 11,00
KRAS19,00 380,00
INA18,96 3.160,00

Fall: 6 Neutral: 10 Rise: 3

Live trade
Short report for 15.10.2018
Total turnover13.761.727 Kn
Regular turnover11.092.837 Kn
Equity 11.092.837 Kn
Debt 0 Kn
Structured 0 Kn
Block turnover2.668.890 Kn
OTC turnover7.848.290 Kn