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Regular revision of CROBIS and CROBIStr indices
In accordance to the provisions of the Zagreb Stock Exchange index resolution from September 27, 2002, and the resolution on the CROBIStr© index from November 25, 2011, the Index Committee has concluded, at the meeting on August 2, 2017, a regular revision of the Zagreb Stock Exchange indices CROBIS® and CROBIStr©. Regular revision of the CROBIS® and CROBIStr© indices is scheduled after the close of trading on August 25, 2017.
Republic of Croatia bonds with maturity on July 7, 2032 (ISIN: HRRHMFO327A5, trading code: 5MFD) will be included into CROBIS® and CROBIStr© composition as of August 28, 2017.

Top 5 by turnoverTop 5 risersTop 5 fallers
HT730,97 167,50
RIVP717,94 41,40
LKPC513,23 515,00
ATPL383,53 640,00
ADRS2331,66 425,00
THNK264,15 105,00
DLKV245,17 18,70
KOEI213,88 720,00
ADPL198,87 189,00
PODR184,20 261,00

Fall: 8 Neutral: 2 Rise: 9

Live trade
Short report for 19.2.2018
Total turnover3.526.320 Kn
Regular turnover3.526.320 Kn
Equity 3.358.481 Kn
Debt 167.839 Kn
Structured 0 Kn
Block turnover0 Kn
OTC turnover5.196.000 Kn