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About OTC
CMA in Article 341.a. paragraph 1. stipulates obligatory reporting to the Exchange of transactions with financial instruments admitted to trading on a regulated market that are concluded outside the regulated market or MTF, except if transaction is published through the system of regulated market or MTF in accordance with article 114. of the Capital Market Act.

Pursuant to Article 2 Paragraphs 1 of the Ordinance on the type of admitted financial instruments and value of transactions subject to the obligation to report OTC transaction to the stock exchange (Official Gazette 58/2013, hereinafter: Ordinance), mentioned obligation is related to the following financial instruments admitted to trading on a regulated market:
- shares
- bonds,
- commercial papers.

The obligation to report OTC transaction does not apply to transaction of borrowing on the basis of financial instruments (for instance, repurchase and reverse repurchase agreements, buy and sell back and sell and buy back, lombard loans and etc.).

A subject to the obligatory reporting is a person who is a buyer in mentioned transaction:
1. an investment firm,
2. a credit institution,
3. other financial institutions authorised by the competent authority in accordance with the provisions governing their operations,
4. an insurance undertakings,
5. collective investment schemes and management companies of such schemes,
6. management companies of pension funds and pension funds,
7. a pension insurance undertakings,
8. a commodity and commodity derivatives dealers,
9. a local firms,
10. other institutional investors whose main activity is not covered by indents 1 to 9 of this paragraph, and which are required to be authorised or regulated to operate in the financial market,
11. a legal persons which, in relation to the previous financial year, meet at least two of the following requirements:

- total assets amounting to at least HRK 150 million,
- net turnover amounting to at least HRK 300 million,
- own funds amounting to at least HRK 15 million,

12. Other institutional investors whose main activity is to invest in financial instruments and which are not required to be authorised or regulated by the competent authority to operate in the financial market, including entities established for the purpose of securitisation of assets.
If the buyer in the transaction is not the person referred to item 1 – 12 or his residence is not in the Republic of Croatia, the transaction has to be reported by the seller in the mentioned transaction (if the seller is one of the mentioned persons) and his residence is in Republic of Croatia.

The transaction has to be reported to the Exchange by the end of the trading day on which the transaction has been concluded or by the beginning of the next trading day if concluded after the end of the trading day.

The Exchange will immediately publish the data on transactions via internet site.

The person who is subject to the obligatory reporting is responsible to for the accuracy of the reported transaction (Article 3 of the Ordinance).

The obligation to report OTC transactions is governed by the Ordinance.
Exchange offer users to report OTC transaction via web interface (OTC service), and users can choose one of two models:
• fixed billing model or
• per transaction billing model.

Fixed billing model*

  Annual fee
  Shares Other financial instruments All financial instruments
Member Firm 3.845,00 HRK 3.845,00 HRK 6.150,00 HRK
Others 4.800,00 HRK 4.800,00 HRK 7.690,00 HRK

Per transaction billing model


Any users which, upon signing a contract on the OTC service use, select a per transaction billing model will pay a fee of HRK 80.00 per transaction if they are Member firms, with HRK 100.00  per transaction payable by other participants.

If you want to use the OTC service for reporting OTC transaction, please submit a completed application to the e-mail:
The Ordinance will be available on the following link:

*All prices are without VAT.

[1] Ordinance name as it is used in English on the website of the Croatian Financial Services Supervision Agency.


Application form
Terms and conditions of use (commencement date: 24th March 2014.)
OTC service manual

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Short report for 23.3.2017
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